Recovery FAQ


What is the Costa Mesa Alano Club?

We are a non-profit club house that hosts a variety of 12-step recovery meetings.  We offer beverages and snacks.  We have a lounge with TV and computer access for our members.  Basically, we offer a comfortable environment for you to find your recovery.

What does it take to become a member

Membership at the club is $12 a month or less.  Discounts are given for seniors and for longer term membership plans.

What types of meetings are at the club?

Currently we have AA, Al-Anon, CoDA, CMA, and NA meetings.  These consist of open, closed, men's, women's, young people, step and book study formats, a creative share, and more.

Can I attend any meeting?

Some meetings are closed, which means only people identifying with the issue covered in that meeting can attend.  For example, a closed AA meeting is for those who identify as Alcoholics only.  Open meetings welcome anyone who would like to attend.  Open, closed and other descriptors are included on the meeting page.

Am I required to talk or share in a meeting?

You don't have to speak at all, but a few tips if you want to smoothly stay under the radar.  Some(not all) meetings will go around the room and do introductions.  For example, "My name is Bill and I'm an Alcoholic".  If it's not a closed meeting "I'm Bill and I'm a visitor" is fine.  Other than that, you can just listen.  A couple of meetings have a format where you may get asked to speak, but you can always just pass.

Will my presence be kept anonymous?

Anonymity is a principle at all of the meetings.  Meeting attendees are reminded on a regular basis that what is said and who is seen at a meeting stays in the meeting.  Video and photography are not allowed at the club without consent.  However, attendees are not held to the same standard as say a doctor or lawyer.  If you are a celebrity, public figure, etc. you can always call ahead to find out the most discreet times to visit.


Is this a religious organization?

The club is not affiliated with any religious organization nor are the meetings.  In the meetings you will hear talk of "god", "a higher power", "faith", etc. but that is because everyone is absolutely 100% free to believe, not believe, or not know about whatever they choose to.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who would answer these questions and more.  They are a guide to help you through the 12 steps.  They're usually not friends(at least at first), lovers(ever) or even potential lovers.  There are other guidelines that vary from group to group but some examples are: has worked the steps, has some time in recovery, is involved in their program.

Do I have to give money in the meeting when they pass the basket?

 You do not have to contribute.  If you want to, the suggested donation is $2 or what you can.